In 2016, Rau Racing Wheels launched…

by producing high-quality steering wheels for popular performance vehicles.

Rau Racing Wheels, the latest division from Rau Corp.

Rau’s history history is in creating custom steering wheels started over twenty years ago with vehicles like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and other luxury marquees. However, Rau Racing Wheels wants to focus on the more popular vehicles, and reach the most people.

A custom steering wheel will be, the next must-have item for any serious car customizer.

Everyone knows to upgrade rims, swap out sound systems, and change exterior finishes, but we feel that the best way to improve every drive is with a custom steering wheel.

Therefore, Rau Racing Wheels exists. This company is producing custom steering wheels for many of the most popular performance vehicles.

If you have any questions or would like photos, please feel free to contact us. Models include:



Ford Mustang

Ford Focus RS

Dodge Charger/Challenger

Dodge Hellcat

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