Have it in any color you like!

Henry Ford famously said customers can have their car in any color they like, as long as that color is black. That was the reality of mass-production. Rau Racing Wheels offers customers an opportunity to truly customize their cars like never before.

Rau custom steering wheels are designed, manufactured, and shipped all from our Los Angeles facility. We are the designers, we are the fabricators, we are the shippers. We don’t our source our work overseas. Because of this, we can offer a wide variety of steering wheels, with unique options and in nearly any color.

Ford makes fun exciting vehicles. Few vehicles are as iconic as a Ford Mustang, or a Ford F-150. Even with these outstanding vehicles, there’s still room for improvement. That’s why we’re selling custom steering wheels for the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus RS, and the Ford Trucks.

See our Ford Focus RS, and Mustang page.

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