“Do you do Mustangs?”

When Rau Racing Wheels went to SEMA in 2016, one of the most frequent questions we received was “do you do Mustangs?”. Now we do!

Rau Corp has done custom Mustang steering wheels in the past, but Rau Racing Wheels hadn’t. We took the advice from many, and started producing custom Mustang steering wheels.

We’re making Mustang steering wheels in two different styles. The Large style, where the wood upper piece extends past the factory thumb rests. The Short style, where the wood upper piece stops before the factory thumb rests.

The Large style, (seen below) allows for a more visually interesting steering wheel, and the thumb rests provide a perfect canvas for custom graphics. We offer the short version for customers not interested in the benefits of the larger version.

Of course, we offer Mustang steering wheels color-matched to Ford exterior colors in gloss and matte. Don’t forget carbon fiber, or colored fiber!

Call us today, to see how we can upgrade your new Mustang, with a custom Rau Racing Wheels steering wheel made in the USA.

If you would like more information, please contact us.