Jeep Wrangler owners, now you too can have a custom steering wheel, as exciting as the vehicle you choose to drive.

The key design challenge for us, is to design a steering wheel that adds style to every drive, without clashing with the existing interior design. The best way to do this is by matching what came with the vehicle. This often means matching the exterior finish, but in the case of vehicles that have interior trim, we choose to match that. However, when the exterior of the vehicle has been heavily modified, it’s an opportunity for us to do something totally different.
This Jeep Wrangler steering wheel was designed for an athlete’s Wrangler. His Wrangler had white digital camo on the exterior. A White steering wheel would be OK, but we decided to do something different.
This Jeep Wrangler steering wheel features a full wrap of white digital camo all the way around the upper grip. This is a perfect addition to this Jeep. Bringing the updated style of the exterior inside.
Keep in mind that this design, is not restricted to the Jeep Wrangler, but can be done to any of the steering wheels we produce. Additionally, if you would like to have a white steering wheel for your Wrangler, please let us know.
From matching factory exterior finishes, to doing completely one-of-a-kind steering wheels like this, we can do it all.
Contact us today to order a custom steering wheel for your car, truck, or Jeep.



Rau Racing Wheels - Jeep Wrangler with Digital Camo

Rau Racing Wheels – Jeep Wrangler with Digital Camo. Get Off-Road, in style!


Jeep Wrangler steering wheel with English Brown Oak, and hunters camo. Matching door trim and grab handle