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Raptor Hammerhead – Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


Product image 1Raptor Hammerhead – Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel
Product image 2Raptor Hammerhead – Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel

Regular price $1,325.00

The HammerHead Raptor steering wheel will make a rough rider out of you.

The most exciting truck deserves only the most exciting steering wheel. That is the HammerHead! A D-top steering wheel with carbon fiber, alcantara sides, and a racing stripe!

Customers from around the world have fallen in love with the HammerHead steering wheel.

The Hammerhead in carbon fiber is available in gloss, or matte, with standard racing stripe, color-matched facia and paddle shifters, and even with upgraded alcantara.

Carbon fiber steering wheels are made with real carbon fiber. These steering wheels utilize the same weave pattern as used by Tesla, Bentley, and other major marks. For the carbon fiber steering wheels, we offer custom racing stripes as an additional option. Our carbon fiber trim matches the Ford factory carbon fiber.


Rewire heated steering wheels *note: not available for alcantara upgrades*

We’re able to rewire the resistance wires to retain the original heating under the leather.

The heating will not be present under the carbon fiber or finished portion of the steering wheel.

Core Policy:

Rau will modify your existing steering wheel or trim for late model vehicles or modify new ‘cores’. The options are to send us your wheel or trim to be modified, or we’ll buy a core for you. If we supply the core, there may be a delay based on supplier availability. For fastest service you should send us your core.

Option A

  • Send Rau your steering wheel or trim for modification. Simply remove your steering wheel per the OEM factory removal/service procedure. Note: For removal of your steering wheel it is recommended you consult your local GM dealership or an authorized service center. Or send us a new core you’ve purchased.
  • Ship your core to us. We will modify your core to a highly customized steering wheel.  We will ship your customized steering wheel or trim to you to be installed. 

Ship to address: 2027 Pontius Ave. Los Angeles CA, 90025

       Option B

      Purchase an entirely new steering from Rau. You provide your VIN, and we’ll order a core for you and modify it. We’ll ship the modified core to you when it’s completed. You’ll have the core installed and keep your original.

Core prices and availability fluctuates from time to time. The best way to avoid delays is to supply your own core.

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