The newest division of Rau Automotive Woodwork…Rau Racing Wheels


Where are your wheels designed and manufactured?

  • We proudly design, and make our custom steering wheels in Los Angeles California. We use genuine GM steering wheels purchased from our local Chevy dealer.

Do you use high quality materials on your products?

  • We use high quality BASF finishes. Similar to what would be used in the GM factory. Also, we use the same Hexcel carbon fiber weave many OEMs use. 

Do you only make 2016 Corvette and Camaro steering wheels?

  • Currently, we’re producing steering wheels for the new 2016 and 2017 Corvette and Camaro, but are designing wheels for the new Chevy Silverado,
    and the new Ford F-150.

What if I want a custom steering wheel for an older model or different make?

  • Please visit our main site to contact us about custom steering wheels for older models or other makes. 

I think I want to buy a steering wheel. Will it take a long time to get my steering wheel?

  • No. Steering wheels are made to order, and every effort is made to complete all steering wheels within five – ten business days. The more custom your steering wheel is (custom graphics, custom thread…) the longer it would take, but your steering wheel will be on your car before you know it.

Can I submit my own graphics for my custom wheel?

  • Yes, you can submit a custom graphic to our graphics team for a feasibility review. We’ll let you know if your design is workable.

Your work is fantastic. How do I install my new steering wheel?

  • It’s pretty simple, you just call up your local Chevy dealership, or trained service technician, and have them install your steering wheel. Then you’ll ship your core to us for review and refund.
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