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Wrangler JK – Digital Camouflage Trim (5 pieces)


Regular price $545.00

You don’t have to be in Special Ops to love the look of digital camo. We’re offering digital camo pattern on our custom steering wheels. This is an option that will really make your Jeep, your Jeep. The white, grey, and black pattern really makes the Jeep Wrangler interior pop.


Trim Core Exchange

For custom trim, we have a simple core exchange.

Our custom work is performed on factory original parts, which will replace the parts on your car or truck. These parts are provided on exchange.

To receive a refund of your core deposit, you must ship your original core to us no later than 20 days after you receive the parts from us. Please arrange instillation accordingly.

We’ll include shipping documents to return your core to us.

You core must be a factory original part in full working condition, free of scuffs, cuts, tears and wear marks. A core is accepted for refund at the manufacturer’s discretion. If your core is unacceptable, we will return it to you and you will not receive the refund.

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